Senin, 15 Februari 2016


And it happened again . Drama. I never intended to make - another drama. Because it is not easily resolved . And it’s heartbreaking . The worst point is that every time I get sad, I came back to remember all the good memories I have. I remember you :(

I think I 've lost my memory about you . The truth is you are the missing piece of my happiness . Being with you is irrational . Dream. Sweet little dreams . I'm afraid to wake up and realize that you're not real to me . You said I would go back to my consciousness and leave you behind . But for me, there is no such thing as a future for me as long as you do not exist . You might think I'm over - exaggeration to say that. But , It's been years and I don't feel okay .

It wasn’t always clear, there were also shadows . But it all seemed so right when we were together.